Why Zadar Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Zadar is a historic city in Croatia and a popular tourist destination in Europe. If you are going on an international vacation, Zadar should definitely be your choice destination. Bounded by the Adriatic Sea, Zadar is has one of the best landscapes in the world. Moreover, the city has the most beautiful sunset in Europe. There are several interesting things to do in Zadar that would leave a tourist with the most amazing and memorable experiences. They include:

1. A visit to the Sea Organ
The Sea Organ of Zadar is an important reason why the city should be your next travel destination. The Sea Organ is the first and only of its kind in the world. This is the only place where you can listen to music made by the sea. The sound made by the sea organ is randomly dictated by the Ocean tides. The Sea Organ of Zadar offers a memorable experience that you will never forget.
2. Taste of the Maraska Liqueur
The Maraska Liqueur is Zadar’s signature drink. It is a rich and tasty drink. This drink would make you want to remain in Zadar. The drink is made with Maraschino Cherries, a delicious fruit that is widely grown in the region. The Maraska Liqueur has been attracting tourists from all over the world since the 1700s. It can be bought in most bars and cafes in Zadar.
3. Amazing Sailing Experience
One of the reasons why Zadar should be your next travel destination is the amazing and unbeatable sailing experience it offers. Zadar is one of the best places to enjoy sailing in Europe. The city has several islands with breathtaking views. Moreover, there are several hidden coves and islets that can only be reached by yacht and boat. Moreover, the city has several beaches to explore. Zadar offers both daytime and nightime sailing which makes it an ideal sailing destination. Moreover there are several yacht charter Zadar that provide comfortable yachts for a great sailing experience.
4. Sample Croatia’s best ice-creams
Zadar’s restuarants and cafes offer the best ice-creams in Croatia. Zadar has so many ice-cream parlors that try to out-do each other by offering unique products. Moreover, ice-cream is Zadar is affordable and readily available. This is one of the reasons why you should make Zadar your next travel destination. The ice cream parlors offer an experience you would never forget.
5. Zadar offers an amazing nightlife experience
When you are on holiday, it is important for you to have great experiences every hour and every minute of the day. This is why you need to visit Zadar. Zadar’s nightlife is one of a kind. There are several parts of the city that don’t sleep at night. These includes the sea-facing bars, restaurants and cafes and several international resort hotels among others. These locations offer burgers, beer, coffee and delicious food all night to keep you awake. Zadar is the city to have fun all through the day and night.
6. Paklenica National Park
The Paklenica National Park is a natural park in Zadar that attracts thousands of tourists on a yearly basis. The park has so many caves, cliffs and high peaks that provide a memorable hiking and climbing experience. It also has a natural spring that lead to a big natural pool. The Paklenica National Park is one of the best places to enjoy your summer in Zadar.