Sailing around Vis

Croatia is one of the most beautiful and fun tourist destinations in the world. Although there is something for everyone in Croatia, sailing enthusiasts will find their paradise on Vis Island. Located in the Adriatic Sea, this small island offers a lot of opportunities for one to enjoy their holiday, whether as a couple or as entire family with kids. If you do visit Vis, below are some of the things you can look forward to seeing and enjoying.

Stinivia beach, image source

First up is the sunny sandy beaches the Island and other destinations around it has to offer. You can dock or anchor near some of the best beaches the Island has to offer, including Stiniva, Lagoon Budikovac and many others. You will enjoy swimming in the clear blue waters with nice warm weather, great for sunbathing. The beaches are not only breathtaking but they are also less crowded compared to other popular beaches around the world.

Komiza town
Komiza town, image source:

Those people who like history and would like to have a glimpse into the past should definitely visit Vis. The town of Vis, located on the east of the island and the town of Komiza on the western side have a rich history dating back to the era of ancient Greeks. Walking in the streets of these little towns will be like walking back in time, as some of the old buildings are still standing. Enjoy the beautiful architecture, museums and unique culture that has developed over hundreds of years.

Vis Harbour, image source:

If you are more interested in staying on the water rather than going to the shore, there are great things for you. There are numerous natural and man-made caves and tunnels that you can explore on your raft. One of the most beautiful and picturesque caves is called the Blue Cave, located on Bisevo Island. When the sun is out, the whole cave is painted blue as the sunlight reflects off the water, giving a truly breathtaking scene. You can also explore military caves and tunnels that were used during war but are now tourist attractions with some interesting back stories.

Military cave entry, Vis
Military cave entry, Vis – image source:

When sailing around Vis, you can be sure to enjoy the beautiful scenery all over the island and on the open sea. Whenever you feel like stretching your legs and keeping active, why not try hiking Mount Hum? Hum is the highest point on the Island, and once you get to the top, you will enjoy an unparalleled view of the Island and surrounding sea.

Fish dish
Fish dish, image srouce:

A sailing trip around Vis would not be complete without sampling the local wine and cuisines. For much of the 19th and 20th centuries, Vis Island was primarily known for fishing. You will therefore enjoy some delicious and unique sea food while visiting Vis island. There are many world class restaurants within the Island and in the nearby Islands where you can enjoy these delicacies. There are also local wineries that make some excellent wine as well. On top of all these attractions and fun activities, the local population is very friendly and welcoming to visitors, making a sailing trip around Vis that more memorable and enjoyable.