Practical tips for comfortable traveling

Traveling in comfort doesn’t mean compromising on style. Being comfortable and looking stylish when traveling makes the whole process much more enjoyable. Packing clothes that are easy to wash and iron and don’t weigh too much is ideal. Nobody likes to spend their time doing laundry or pulling around heavy bags and suitcases on their vacation.


Plan ahead

First of all, where are you going? Are you going to be sitting in the airport and on a plane for a long time to get to your destination? Are you going somewhere warm? Or will it be cold? Do you plan to do a lot of walking? Will you be taking part in activities such as walking, cycling, or sailing while you are away? Are there cultural restrictions on the type of clothing that is considered appropriate to wear in the country you are visiting? What are the weight restrictions on your suitcase, if you are flying? And if you are not traveling by plane, how big a bag can you cope with? How long will you be staying there?

Traveling plans


Dress in layers

These are all important considerations, which impact on your travel wardrobe choice. Choosing the right styles and fabrics are key. It’s best to wear clothes that are not too tight, as they will really pinch by the end of a trip if they are a bit snug before you leave the house. And choosing layers of clothing is helpful so that you can take cardigans or sweaters off if you get too hot. By the same token, if you end up feeling cold, you can easily slip a layer back on. It’s amazing how cold it gets with the air conditioning on in a plane, or in an airport. Taking a lightweight waterproof jacket is also handy to carry with you.


Jeans or no jeans?

Whether you choose to wear jeans, or not, is a personal choice. Although it is a good idea to make sure they have a bit of stretch in them to allow the blood to flow if you are sitting down for long periods of time. There are some really good travel trousers on the market that look like jeans but they have quite a lot of stretch in them. They are comfortable and they don’t need to be ironed. They are also easy to wash while you are away, as they dry super quickly.

Traveling clothes


Shoes are important

Appropriate footwear is also a really important consideration. Did you have ever tried to walk the entire length of an airport, dragging a heavy bag while wearing heels? Then you will know the importance of choosing the right shoes appropriate for the circumstances! It’s always useful to have a pair of flats. Leave the heels in your bag, ladies, if you really need them for your trip. But the same applies to the gents. If you are going to be somewhere really warm, a pair of normal brogues will make your feet pinch and overheat. It could really spoil an otherwise pleasant day. So again, consider appropriate footwear, such as canvas slip-on, or leather walking sandals, that look smart but allow you to stay comfortable.


The key to a successful trip is in the planning and that includes choosing the right clothes and shoes for the occasion.