How To Plan the Most Admirable Trip to India


Have you ever dreamed of taking a royal railway journey across India and making stops at incredible landmarks the country has to offer? The palaces in Rajasthan, the beaches in Kerala, the temples in the North? Ever wondered how the hustle and bustle of Bollywood’s cinematic hometown of Mumbai compares with America’s Hollywood? Maybe you’ve been enchanted with photographs of the regal Taj Mahal? Or perhaps you are interested in traveling to India to meet with your loved ones and hope to catch a trip down South and devour delicious food?

Whatever the case may be for your travels, there are some interesting details that can help you make the best out of your next trip to India.

Rain or Shine?


One of the greatest factors a North American must consider when traveling to India is the weather. Figuring this out can go a long way on a trip to India. It is important to understand that because of India’s tropical climate, the heat may feel extreme. Most western travelers book their trips from October through March to avoid strenuous summers.

In spite of the temperature cooling in most areas of the country during this period, the weather changes vary across the nation. The Himalayas may drop to its lowest temperatures while Agra begins to slightly chill, and Rajasthan is still experiencing tropical desert temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Making a decision about your destinations can help you pack the correct wardrobe and plan for the experiences you really want to have on your far off excursion. Although many parts of India may still be very warm during our winter season, this is still the best time to travel for many reasons. American summer months are much more intense in India and the monsoon season makes travel difficult. Carve out some special time in our western winter months to experience the milder temperatures throughout India to better enjoy your trip.

Getting There


A flight to India can often include airlines you have never heard of, long hours in the air, and stops in several connecting countries. There are times to fly into India during its off-peak season that can help you save some money that also coincide with its “best weather” travel months. The cheapest time to fly into the country is during its off-peak season during January 20 to May 15 and also September 1 to October 30.

Some of the highest fares can be found during our holiday season, around December 12 to 24. Some airlines may even offer lower fares including Lufthansa, KLM, and British Airways. Etihad and Emirates have been praised for their comfortable and refreshing trips to and from India.

Epic Places You Cannot Miss


India has much to offer the curious traveler, both on and off the well-beaten path, from mountains to beaches to deserts. You can plan to stay in a luxury suite or a small village, and all of these experiences would be authentically Indian. Equipped with an understanding of its climate, best weather, and flights go ahead and book your trip today.

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