Fascinating facts about Bali you should know

With spectacular mountain scenery, friendly Balinese people and tropical beaches, Bali is most famous island in Indonesia. Being the most popular destination in the whole world, this magical island is perfect for all budget travelers. It has everything to offer from cultural lifestyle and attractions to pristine beaches. This island is big enough to offer towns, scuba diving, wealth of beaches, waterfalls and mountains and much more. Keeping aside the mesmerizing beauty of Bali, there are some facts to know about this amazing island. Let’s have a look:

1. Most expensive coffee: Kopi Luwak

Most-expensive-coffeeThe world’s most expensive coffee is from Bali – Kopi Luwak. It is not typical coffee beans; instead these beans are collected from digestion of Civat Cat – shy-cat living in Asia. This cat only eats the finest and ripest coffee cherries and doesn’t digest the bean. This coffee can cost up to 50 dollars per cup.

2. Volcano Agung and Batur

This island has two active volcanoes, Mt. Agung (10,000 feet) in East and Mt. Batur (5,600 feet). Mt. Agung is considered as most sacred place on island that’s why all Balinese try to sleep with head towards this volcano. Mt. Agung last erupted in 1964 and still active with large crater which belches ash occasionally.

3. Dependant on tourism

Around 80% of its economy depends on tourism. From restaurants to luxury hotels, tourism leads all industries in terms of income. The Balinese depends on many tourists that visit this island.

4. Black Sand

This tropical paradise on earth is known for its white sand beaches, but it has stunning black sand volcanic beaches as well. With tranquil pristine coves, these beaches are haven for fishermen, tourists and surfers who want to explore exotic fish species, coral reefs and strong waves.

5. 1 year is equal to 210 days

Balinese relies on Pawukon Calendar which has 210-days. Denizens equate their birthdays on this 210-day calendar, which is source for various significant events and ten discrete week system.

6. Babies are small angels

Babies-are-small-angelsBalinese believe that when child is born it is accompanied by four angels. Those angels are around the child and protects child until he turns four. Also babies are not allowed to touch the ground until they are 3 months old. During these twelve weeks, babies are carried everywhere.

7. Nyepi day

Bali celebrates Nyepi day which is silent festival. On this day, island is closed which means no travel, no work, no electricity and no noise. People spend their day in meditation; this day is actually their New Year.

8. Identical first names

While the whole world starts finding unique baby name, Balinese know their baby’s name before they are born. There are only four names for men and women; first baby is called Wayan, second baby is Made, third baby is Nyoman and the fourth baby is Ketut. The fifth baby is again Wayan and cycle continues.

9. Home of dolphins

Home-of-dolphinsIn Lovina, there are plenty of dolphins. It is hard to believe that Dolphins can be found in this place, yet more than 5 varieties of Dolphins exist in these waters.

10. People speak 3 languages

There are about 580 languages spoken in all over Indonesia; and most of Balinese speak 3 languages i.e., Indonesian, Balinese and English.

How to get here?

Singapore Airlines has direct flights to Denpasar airport. Make your Singapore airlines reservations, book your taxi and head to Bali which is 13 km from Denpasar.