Best Travel Cars Of 2018

Do you love road trips? Well, for a perfect adventure you will need a classy car to hangout with your family and friends. Therefore, in this article, I have compiled the best cars that you can choose from to spice up your adventures. Whether you are traveling for your summer holidays or having trips to various beautiful places you will need a perfect 4- wheelers.

However, what will you be looking for when in search of the best car?

Cargo space-When you are traveling for long distances you will need a car that can accommodate: food, clothing and other personal belongings that you might require during the trip.
Speciality-if you opt to go for a car that doesn’t have enough cargo space then ensure it has something unique to offer.
This following are the best cars to choose from:
Subaru Impreza 2.01 5 
If German machines are not your thing, Subaru Impreza can be your perfect substitute. It has enhanced gas mileage than the previous generations. The most impressive aspect about this brand is that it is budget friendly. Its affordability has made most people to consider it. It has advanced capabilities, and with its hatchback capacity, it can accommodate the luggage that you will need on your trip.
2018 Honda Accord
This is among the best in Honda lineage which makes it a good long distance car. It has a ten-speed automatic transmission,2-litre turbo charged engine. It is indeed one of the preferred highway machines. If you have a family the rear seat can accommodate two kids. It is comfortable which will make you enjoy your trip without getting tired.
Toyota C-HR
This car is comfortable for long distances because it has smooth-running ways. It is a trip friendly machine with over 200 horsepower and 30 mpg. The driver chair is adjustable and heated rear seats makes it cozy.
Volvo XC60
Volvo is a safe, elegant and sophisticated machine. It is built with polished semi autonomous technology with a tablet touchscreen interface and laid back driving. If you will have to travel through unstable terrain beware of car scratches which might tamper with its sparkling body.
Additionall, it has 2-liter turbocharged engine with a hybrid system. Therefore, if you are looking for a travel car, then this is your perfect match.
Toyota Prius

The cars I have given in this list emphasize fun and comfort and Toyota prius is not different from it. Besides, It is a fuel efficient car which you can save your money to supplement other needs. Toyota has made noticeable advancements in their models to improve driving Dynamics, and its interior quality design. You can also select plug in prime model if you want to drive only on electric mode. It will save you to drive for long without stopping to charge your battery.

BMW i3
It is a gas powered range extender. It is a high-efficiency small car which has comfortable hatchbacks. Its futuristic exterior design makes it a classy car that you can use in traveling to places. Additionally, it has supple heated leather seats which makes it comfortable; only meant for you to enjoy your ride.
The list that I have provided is nothing but the best you can have. Don’t worry which travel car will be suitable for you because I got you covered. Get one for yourself and have an amazing travel for your vacation.