Best Hiking spots in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a great city located in the southern part of Croatia. Dubrovnik city is known for its prominent tourist attractions along the Mediterranean sea. Dubrovnik is the best for hiking especially during summer because in Dubrovnik the climate and environment are friendly and the heat is notdangerous for peoples health so they can enjoy their activities freely. The unique features in Dubrovnik make it the best hiking and travelling place. It offers best hike paths due to a stunning view of its exotic coastline. Following are some of the best hiking spots in Dubrovnik.

1. The great city walls

The walls are located around the old town. They were built to protect the city. In the city walls, there are damaged roofs made of clay which still exists today. These city walls offer a great view of the Adriatic sea. The thing to remember while walking along this place is to carry good hiking shoes to avoid harming yourself. The location is perfect for hiking and taking beautiful photos.

2. Napoleon Fort

The site is on top of the mountain behind the Dubrovnik city. The forts were used for defence during the war in the last century. In the port, you can get your career car up and climb on your way to the fire station of cause with good hiking shoes. There is stair street on top of the hill where you can have a rest while taking your snacks and viewing the great city at the same time. On top of the mountain, there is a museum where you can have a great view.

3. Lapad peninsula

Lapad peninsula is the place occupied by communities such as Lapad and Babin. Gruiz harbour is located on its east side. On your way to Lap peninsula, there is an amusing path to the north side of Peninsula. Along the way, there are big restaurants and hotels where many different food varieties are offered. In Lapad, there is crescent bay and beach with free internet cafes and restaurants where one can have a vacation for a couple of days. In the Lapad peninsula, there are pine trees with the beautiful smell which attracts exotic birds of all kind and many bird watchers often come here for exactly that. Lapad peninsula is the ideal location for hiking and swimming.

4. Brac Island

Some of the trademarks in Brac island is stone quarries. It is where you will be able to see the stones which were used to build a white house which is in Washington. There are also ancient towns and villages in Brac island where stone activities occur. Here, you can have quality time observing the sites and beaches.

5. Cavtat town

It is a town on the seaside of the Dubrovnik which offers lovely walking trails towards water, excellent restaurant and hotels. Cavtat is a destination of culture. The city has great deals for travellers including travelling and provides accommodation in a large five-star hotel. The place is best for holding private meetings and family vacation too.

In conclusion, Dubrovnik is the great city for everybody hence people walk freely during the day and night. It is the best hiking city because when you are in Dubrovnik you are sure of security as it a safe city with little to no crime. The people in Dubrovnik are tolerant and friendly to all people, and you are encouraged of security precautions when you get there hence security patrols are carried out to ensure everything is in order. Most importantly when hiking to the city ensure you have the best hiking shoes, long sleeved trousers and all proper equipment.