The Best Destinations for Sailing Adventures

There is nothing better than the feeling of freedom that comes with the wind blowing on your face as you take to the sea. Needless to say, sailing is one of the greatest joys of travel. It is exciting, breathtaking and relaxing, all in one. Are you planning a sailing adventure soon? The following destinations have something to suit every kind of blue water explorer. It is certainly time to take your pick!


  1. Greece

Home to some of the greatest sunsets, Greece has an estimated 6,000 islands- each with its own unique character. From the Aegean to the Ionian sea, Greece treats its sailors to more than 300 days of sunshine. As such, you can plan your sailing trip here any time of the year. Adventurers can choose to explore favorites such as the Cyanides, Scorpios or Lefkada islands. Sail around this country and get lost in all its wonders.

Sailing Greece


  1. French Riviera

There is not a more romantic place to sail in the world other than the French Riviera. This Mediterranean coastline is known for its contrasts of fine sailing, beaches, and large cosmopolitan resorts. You do not need a personal yacht to enjoy this destination. You may simply hire a set of sails in the Cannes or a small ocean craft and live out the best of your sailing fantasies while enjoying the glistening sounds of the waters.

Sailing Cannes


  1. Thailand

Thailand is a country that is filled with the most beautiful and famous beaches. It does not matter whether you are looking for a tranquil and relaxing place or a more upbeat sailing adventure. Phang Bay is one of the most famous and most beautiful places to explore. Bask in the warm tropical climate and explore everything the islands have to offer. You can look forward to a smooth sailing experience from start to finish.

Sailing Thailand


  1. Caribbean Islands

All sailing devotees find the Caribbean islands highly thrilling. With so much to offer to sailors, the Windward Islands are welcoming to all. The four main islands, inclusive of Grenada, Martinique, St. Vincent and St. Lucia allow for open ocean sailing. Sailing the Caribbean is an enjoyable activity, as the islands are known for 25-knot winds. The freedom to explore will allow you to soak up the culture of the islands.

Sailing Caribbean


  1. Croatia

Croatia is a perfect sailing spot with its most indented coastline in the Mediterranean. This small Eastern European country boasts with its 1,246 islands, islets and reefs, turquoise Adriatic Sea and its warm and mild weather. It is a true paradise for any sailing enthusiast. Islands like Elaphiti and Kornati are quiet, relaxing and welcoming for any adventurer. Croatia provides more sailing routes than any other European country. Its pleasures are trend-setting and timeless. You can set sail for hidden coves, traditional villages as well as remote islands. Feeling even more ambitious? Explore the crystalline Adriatic and sail in Croatia.

Sailing Croatia


These destinations will offer the most memorable experiences that you will ever have. Nothing stands between you and the open seas or islands other than real adventure. Use your vessel as an unrestricted vessel to travel and explore what they have to offer. You don’t have to look any further-all the joys of the waters can be experienced here. Pack a bag and set out on an unforgettable journey!