7 Things to Do in Abu Dhabi in a Day

Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE is by all means a must visit tourist attraction. But mostly, people in awe with the wonders of its neighbour Dubai reserves very little time for the incredible Abu Dhabi attractions. Not lagging behind in terms of wonderful manmade lures, Abu Dhabi should be planned with a more relaxed itinerary as there’s too much to see and do in the capital city of UAE.

For those who’ve already planned their vacation and reserves only a day for the beautiful city, here are best Abu Dhabi things to do list in a day.

1. Take a morning stroll at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
One of the best sites of the city, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a spectacular piece of architecture boasting of Ottoman, Mameluke, and Fatamid design elements and an immaculate structure. Beautiful use of mosaic tiling, intelligent glass work and intricate carvings on both its exteriors and interiors leave the visitors mesmerised. Opened after 2 years of construction, the mosque can accommodate over 40000 worshippers and is the biggest mosque in the entire UAE.

2. Enjoy a high tea up at the Observation deck
Observation deck abu dhabi
There’s no better way to admire the amazing skyline of Abu Dhabi than to sit by the colossal windows and sip the high tea at the observation deck of Etihad Towers hotel. Located at the massive 74th floor of the tower 2, the intricately designed observation deck serves you delightful refreshments, tea and other eatables with impeccable hospitality, while you enjoy the stupendous view of the beautiful skyline of Abu Dhabi city.

3. Spend an hour with the past of Abu Dhabi at the Heritage Village
Abu Dhabi heritage village
An authentic recreation of the Bedouin encampment, the Heritage Village is an ideal replica of the old age Arabian village lifestyle of the od Abu Dhabi. An incredible sneak peek into the pre-oil era of the city, the Heritage village consists of a small traditional souk that denotes the era when goats were traded for dates with friendly neighbours, a mosque for prayer, the Bedouin style tents with campfire, and various souvenirs such as traditional handmade soaps, jewellery, and other incredible products.

4. See the one of its kind Falcon hospital
Abu Dhabi heritage village
A visit to Abu Dhabi is incomplete without visiting the one of its kind and extremely moving Abu Dhabi falcon hospital. Falcons have for ages been the most loved pets of the Emiratis. Owning a falcon has always been seen as a status symbol and therefore, a hospital that takes care of falcons exclusively is no surprise. The hospital has 200 exclusive air conditioned rooms along with a special operation theatre for falcon treatment. Visitors are allowed special tours of the hospital where they learn great insights about this incredible bird including the fact that the sturdy looking falcon is such a delicate bird that it misses its flight balance even if it loses a single feather. Yeah, that’s right, there’s a lot to know about falcons, the most loved birds of the Arabians, who are also issued passports on flights.

5. Witness the astonishing Capital gate Building
capital gate building abu dhabi
One of the best skyscrapers of Dubai, the capital gate building is must visit for its incredible structure and lean design. The building is loved by tourists for its striking lean of 18 degrees to the west. The exquisite building has also entered the Guinness book of world records in the year 2010 for being the world’s furthest man made leaning tower. The building boasts of a ground breaking design that absorbs and channelizes the wind forces. The building houses the luxurious 5 star Hyatt Capital Gate hotel along with many other offices.

6. Shop at the Iranian souk
Iranian souk
Agreed, that there’s no place like Dubai for shopping but Shopping in Abu Dhabi can be quite fun too, especially when you visit the traditional souks of the city. One of the most famous souk of Abu Dhabi located at the Al Mina district is your chance to explore the vibrancy and electrifying energy of the people of the city along with buying amazing artefacts, souvenirs, loads of Arabian inspired art. From handmade rugs to the traditional jewellery, handmade baskets, to amazing brass items; the Iranian souk will provoke you to shop till you drop.

7. Enjoy the evening desert safari
Desert Safari
Abu Dhabi has an incredible desert oasis that exposes you to the extremely serene side of the city and its unique asset. Whether you choose to drive across the sand dunes and bash them or relax under the starlit blanket of sky, enjoy a sumptuous barbeque spread on the desert or take a stroll on a camel; the desert of Abu Dhabi marks the perfect end to your one-day trip to the city.

If you have more than a day to enjoy the beauty of Abu Dhabi, here are some of the other amazing attractions you can visit.

The Ferrari World– The world’s biggest indoor theme park and the only Ferrari branded theme park across the globe with the world’s fastest roller coaster ride- The Formula Rossa.

• Emirates Park Zoo- The incredible park consists of giraffes, rare white tigers, and many other exotic animals. Visitors can touch and feed the animals too.

• Emirates Palace- Built with an aim of showcasing the traditional Arabian culture, the Emirates Palace hotel offers luxury hospitality, a stretch of 1.3km of private beach along with 394 residences. Whether or not you choose to stay here, a visit to the palace is a must to admire its architecture.
Abu Dhabi deserves more than just one day of your visit. There’s lot to explore, admire and learn from the cultural and traditional value of the city. A perfect blend of the modern skyscrapers and the conventional heritage, Abu Dhabi is a city waiting to be discovered by the tourists in its true sense.