6 Reasons to Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city located in the southern part of Croatia along the Adriatic Sea. Tourism in this city has increased over the years, thanks to its magical views and rich culture.

Every Game of Thrones or Star Wars fan has heard of Dubrovnik. It is known for its shielding stone walls and forts. If you want a place to visit that’s rich in history, culture and various activities then Dubrovnik is the city to visit. Here are 6 more reasons to visit this glorious city.


Walk around the Old Town

This is the most eye-catching part of Dubrovnik. The old town is traffic free zone so you will have to walk around. It has romantic lanes through which you can take a walk while taking in the mystical environment emanating from the prehistoric stone walls.

The Pile Gates lead to the entrance of Old Town and they are overlooked by the Minceta and Bokar Forts. You can enjoy cities main attractions like city walls, palaces, churches and monasteries, squares, monuments and the old port. The best way to get the full experience and feel of the city is to blend in with the local crowd and disappear into a remarkable excursion through the past.

Dubrovnik Croatia


Hit the Beaches

The beaches in Dubrovnik aren’t many but they have something to please all types of visitors. Whether you love to walk in the sand, visit rocky bays or simply enjoy the beach party, there is something for you. It’s, therefore, a fantastic place to spend your summer holidays as the Croatian coast is the reason why Dubrovnik is among the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.

Banje beach is the most popular beach in Dubrovnik because it is close to the Old town and has the best view of the city. You can sunbath and swim anywhere you wish along the coast. That is because in Croatia you can use any area that people use for swimming. In addition to the beaches, there are quite a number of beach resorts you can stay in that are very close to Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Croatia


Enjoy the Island Hopping

Island hopping is a very popular activity among tourists and if you are a fan then you will definitely enjoy it here. Since Dubrovnik is the central hub for transport in the area, it is a good idea to begin island hopping here. The nearest is island Lokrum which is the most popular escape from the hot city walls. With its spectacular nature and crystal clear sea, you will enjoy a one day trip here.

There are ferries that connect Dubrovnik directly to islands that close by such as Kolocep, Korcula as well as Lopud, Brac, and Sipan. If you want to prolong your journey you can find more connecting ferries from the other islands.

Dubrovnik, Croatia



Feel the culture: Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Dubrovnik summer festival started in 1950 and is held every year between July 10th and August 25th. If you go to Dubrovnik during the summer festival you can enjoy in drama, music, opera and ballet programmes. From Shakespear to Goethe, to Philharmonic orchestras from London, Vienna, and Berlin

These performances are staged at different open-air venues. Many celebrities from various nationalities come to perform at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. From The Royal National Theatre from London to Philharmonic orchestras from London, Vienna, and Berlin to Twentieth Century Ballet.

Dubrovnik Croatia

Slovenian Philharmonia, Image courtesy: Ronan (Flickr)


Dare your taste buds- Food and wine

Another major reason to visit Dubrovnik is the food tours. You can go on food and wine tours which incorporate relaxing walks and dining in amazing areas. Get the full experience of the local culture by joining the locals for meals. Alternatively, you can go an exploration to the highly prominent regions that produce wine in Croatia.

Dubrovnik Croatia


An All-year round Destination

Dubrovnik is a destination that you can visit at any time of the year due to the friendly climate. To get there by plane you can get a quick flight from a hub in Europe. Although the Dubrovnik airport is approximately 15km away from the city itself, low-cost Dubrovnik taxi transfers will get you to your destination.

Dubrovnik Croatia



After you visit this Mediterranean beauty, you will have a hundred reasons to visit it again and again.