5 Most Beautiful And Safest Cities In The World

Safe and beautiful are the criteria today as we race around the world to bring you cities that not only catch the eye but also ease the heart in terms of safety. It’s a hard combination to find given the crime rate most urban hubs conceal however the following are no doubt among the pick of the bunch in both regards. Here’s how they rank in no particular order:

1) Singapore, Singapore
This island nation that is both a city and a country is famous for its peculiar buildings and structures which include wonderous manmade trees. The prevailing architecture has a nice touch of a little bit of everything courtesy of the various influences that have shaped the fate of the present theme. Religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Taoism, and Islam have resulted in many winsome ancient spiritual havens and shrines which complement to great effect towering skyscrapers and elegant structures in the CBD. Boasting one of the lowest crime rates across the globe, the “The City of the Lion” is as safe as is it is mesmerizing.

2) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Going by the findings of the reputable crowd-sourced global database Numbeo, Abu Dhabi retains a first-place podium finish in the safety race for the second year running. It also excels in a competition for the world’s most enchanting with this gorgeous Arabian town taking on the façade of a decadent civilization rife with mega-malls, high-rise apartments, boulevards and some of the planet’s most high-end locations. Further, the city is blessed with Mother Nature to behold which comes in the way of alluring gardens, enticing green palm trees, lush oases and an expansive golden coastline with endearing sandy dunes.

3) Melbourne, Australia
A 2018 report by the credible organization Economist Intelligence Unit pits the city as the second greatest for taking up residence which not only boils down to its almost non-existence crime rate but also a conducive environment that is quite spectacular. Its riotous street art is so beautiful that it has a tour to itself while its architectural layout is an assembly of old rustic buildings, magical calm harbors littered with penguins and dolphins, and instagrammable shopping centers, malls and urban dwellings. All fused into a singular beguiling package.

4) Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is a concrete desert of modernity with oases of unperturbed nature sharing occupancy with world-renowned cloud-piercing buildings and exquisite shopping malls. The city’s true beauty manifests after dusk as the landscape is bathed in an enthralling display of lights steered into all manner of lovely designs and patterns. Just as famous as its beauty and security is the delightful treat of a sensual Hong Kong massage that rivals its popular world-class skyline for a share of the visiting population.

5) Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is the safest city in the UE and is listed sixth on the global scene that is according to the Safe Cities Index by the body Economist Intelligence Unit. Loosely translated to mean “the dam on the Amstel River”, it also does splendidly when it comes to city appearance with the layout bearing an imprint of past centuries subtly spruced up by a sprinkle of modern-day amenities. It is home to a UNESCO World Heritage accolade, i.e. the Amsterdam channel, while it has been narrowed down as the cradle of donuts.

And that marks the end of this list of the world’s safest and most beautiful.